String of Nickels

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  • Light watering He needs very little water, so let his soil totally dry out between drinks. Let all excess water drain off.
  • Low light He’s used to living in shade, so he’s perfect for those rooms that get only a little light.
  • Humidity He loves moist air. He’ll enjoy living in a steamy bathroom, or give him a good mist a couple of times a week.
  • If you’re a little forgetful, he’s a great plant for you. He’ll soldier on happily if you don’t remember to water him regularly.

About String of nickels If you happen to find yourself in a forest in the tropics of Asia, look up and you might see string of nickels, or dischidia imbricata. It makes its home in the crevices of tall trees (scientifically, it’s known as an epiphyte). It dangles handsomely soaking up moisture from the atmosphere.In the wild, it gets most of its required water and nutrients from the air. Remembering that is a good way to understand how to care for it. Don’t water it too frequently, but mist it regularly. Basically, do your best impression of a tropical rainforest. As it’s used to living in the shade of the forest, it doesn’t need much light. If you’re not a confident plant parent yet, it’s a very easy option. Remember to also give it a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer. This plant also comes in a variegated option, if you like your leaves a little jazzier be sure to check out Theodora.Did you know?It is sometimes known as Shingle plant, because its overlapping leaves look a bit like roof shingles.

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