Kentia Palm

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  • "Light watering'' Check him about once a week and water him if the top two inches of soil feel dry."
  • "Humidity He appreciates moist air to keep his fronds fresh. That’s easily done by misting him a couple of times a week."
  • "Medium light He'll be happiest in any room that gets a lot of light. Harsh sun is a bit much for him, so ideally not right next to a window."
  • A monthly dose of fertiliser in spring and summer will encourage healthy new growth.
  • height 80cm, pot size 17cm

About Kentia palms

The Kentia palm originated on Lord Howe Island, a tiny piece of land off the east coast of Australia. The island gives the palm its botanical name, Howea forsteriana. It’s a slow grower that can take decades to reach its maximum height of 10 metres. It has simple needs. It likes lots of bright light, but not harsh direct sun. Regular misting will keep its leaves fresh and green. It will also appreciate a feed with liquid fertiliser once per month in spring and summer. It’s a royal favourite. It deserves respect. Did you know? Kentia palms were used for decoration on The Titanic. In first class, naturally.