360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights Cool White (C26)

SKU: LV162171W
€24.95 €49.90

These 360 Multi-Action LED SupaBrights White are one of our bestsellers due to their versatility and notable features. Ideal to drape over a tree, garland, mantelpiece, for outdoor use and so on.
They have a multi-function controller with 8 settings. These settings include Combination, In Wave, Double Chasing, Chasing/Flashing, Chasing/Wave, Slow Glow, Slow Fade and Static. Also they have a memory function, allowing you to set your lights to your preferred setting, just the once!


  • Bulb Colour: White
  • 8 Light Functions
  • Cable Color: Green
  • Timer: 8hr On, 16hr Off

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