1.4m Soft Acrylic Stag Full Colour with 300L Twinkling Warm White LEDs

SKU: LV213254
€199.95 €479.95

Add a touch of woodland enchantment to your outdoor or indoor decor with our 1.4m Soft Acrylic Stag. This majestic stag comes to life with 300 warm white LED lights that twinkle gently, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. With a transparent cable and a 5-metre lead cable, you have the flexibility to place it anywhere you desire. Powered by mains electricity and designed with an IP20 rating, it's built to withstand the elements while providing a captivating twinkle. Whether you're decorating for the holidays or creating a magical ambiance year-round, this soft acrylic stag is the perfect addition to your space.

Set Includes:
1 x 1.4m Soft Acrylic Stag

Product Features:
• Number of Bulbs: 300 LED Lights
• LED Colour: Warm White
• Cable Colour: Transparent
• Functions: Twinkle
• Rated Voltage: 31V 3.6W
• IP Rating: IP20
• Power Source: Mains Operated

Product Dimensions:

• Lead Cable Length: 5 metres

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use.