• There is still loads of time to plant vegetables and flower seeds directly into the ground outdoors
  • Cut back shrubs which flowered in early spring, they will grow all summer and produce new flower buds for next year’s flowers
  • Avoid trimming hedges as the birds are busy
  • Keep an eye on newly planted trees and shrubs for watering.  Enjoy the sun!

ng last summer seems to be here and we tend to spend much more time outside. There is so much to be done in the garden right now I find it difficult to actually sit down and enjoy the garden. Of course, there are those who are of the opposite extreme but each to their own.  When I do get time to sit in the garden I’m drawn to the water’s edge, I have quite a simple garden pool and I’ve constructed a little cascade and there is something about the sound of trickling water that relaxes the spirit, by the way, my pool is an unfinished masterpiece, not that pools are hard to build and maintain but when constructing there are a number of aspects you must get right.

Over the next number of weeks, I will go through each step from construction to planting from a simple pebble pool in a pot which can be put together in an hour or two to a larger project which can take a number of weekends to complete.  A pond will transform your garden, a pond will breathe life into your garden. It can be an informal natural pond in a secluded corner or a formal raised pond in a high profile position by the patio.  A pond will bring sound and movement to your garden, you can actually create an atmosphere.  It also adds a wildlife dimension and you can stock your pool with interesting fish.  A pool will attract dragonflies, frogs and birds and our dog's preferred drink is direct from the pool, I suppose it’s more natural.                                                       

One word of caution, where there are small children there is no such thing as a safe pool, wait until the children are older before you have an open pond.  You can, of course, build a pebble pool where the water is totally concealed by stones and I’ve seen the odd pool with a very elaborate protective screen which if done properly is very effective and this protective grid can be disguised with clever planting. But as you know children are attracted to water like a magnet. 

January 15, 2021 — omearasgardencentre Admin
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